Olkiluoto 3 Project

What is Olkiluoto 3 Project?The first Generation III+ EPR™ reactor is currently under construction at the Olkiluoto 3 site in Finland. This is the first step towards a global fleet of EPR™ reactors. The objective is to supply a reliable, profitable, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy. More than 4,000 people from 55 different countries are working at the site. This is one of the largest industrial projects ever carried out in Northern Europe.


Missions Highlights

  • Video Production

    OL3 Stepping into Commissioning

    Managing, coordinating and producing the annual video for external release.

  • Web

    Intranet Building & Development

    Conceiving the brand new intranet through CMS Content Management System. Building site tree and structure, developing, coding, administrating, creating and updating the content

  • Visual

    Photos, Videos, Brochures, Posters, Communications Materials

    Managing and producing OL3 Project photos, videos & designing visual materials (brochures, weekly newsletter, mailing for employees, posters, invitations, flyers, visual management boards)

  • VIP & Press

    VIP, press, media visits

    Leading and supporting site tour in the Power Plant for external visitors.

  • Strategy

    Communications plan

    Participating in the development and implementation of strategic communications (internal & external)


«Rava is very talented and skillfull in her area of responsibilities. She has shown great commitment and dedication to lead the tasks and is results-oriented.
She is very well integrated and a strong element of the communications team. »

Virginie Moucquot, OL3 Communications, Press Relations and PMO Manager


« Someone who has put in place very beneficial visual communications for the Project. Stress-resistant, combative and reliable when performing tasks »
Personne qui a mis au point une communication visuelle très profitable au Projet. Résistante à la pression, battante et qui effectue les tâches avec fiabilité.

Jean-Pierre Mouroux, OL3 Project Director

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